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January 23, 2023
Optable Marketing Staff

AdWeek: To Grow This Year, Data Clean Rooms Shoot for Interoperability

Almost half of marketing execs said they have used data clean rooms, according to one study

Data Clean Rooms

Data clean room companies, which help publishers securely match their audience’s first-party data with that of marketers, are aiming to capture more market share as the ad industry seeks more privacy-focused ways of targeting.

Partly, this will come from offering more interoperability between players, as shown by the recent announcement from data clean room tech companies Optable and Snowflake. Now, a brand that has their data within Snowflake can match with the Optable customer without having their data leave Snowflake’s infrastructure, rather than only matching with audience data within Snowflake. In 2021, Snowflake partnered with data clean room firm Habu to address similar interoperability concerns and accelerate the adoption among marketers. Similar tech integrations are expected this year.

But interoperability—a catch-all term within the tech industry—continues to befuddle marketers who are wrapping their heads around how data clean rooms work, according to sources...

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