Frictionless collaboration

Collaborate with anyone: plan, measure and activate directly from the data clean room

Purpose-driven data clean rooms

  • Direct Activation

    Activate campaigns straight from the clean room with a push of a button. Improve the addressability of audiences and enable activation in a privacy-preserving way.

  • Private Analytics

    Collaborate with partners by creating analytics clean rooms for closed-loop attribution,  audience data comparison and more.

  • Audience Planning

    Gather powerful audience insights based on securely connected audience data. Visualize your audience and your own private identity graph.

Modern, activation-friendly data clean room approach.

Secure, locked down instances

Decentralized identity model is supported by offering a secure instances of the platform, minimizing data movement.

Differential privacy budgeting

Automatic support for privacy budgeting allows pacing of data collaboration operations in order to prevent data leakage.

Neutral, independent and ID-agnostic

The platform supports multiple personal and household identifiers, all of which can be used to build a private identity graph.

Secure cryptographic matching

Using cryptographically secure data matching, any partner can compare audience data using Optable’s open-source software.

Frictionless collaboration

Customers can create clean rooms for collaboration with their own partners - without those partners having to become Optable customers.

Connects to your data

App integrations allow for data to be connected from martech applications and data warehouses such as Shopify, SendGrid, Mailchimp and Snowflake.

End-to-end data clean room platform for frictionless collaboration

Amplify the value of audience data using 
the end-to-end data clean room

Data Connectivity

Choose from multiple data sources and import audiences via batch files, API or directly from a CDP.

Use the optional SDK modules to add real-time data from web, mobile or custom sources. Easily export matched audiences to cloud platforms for modeling and advanced analytics.

Identity Resolution

Whether you have a CDP or not, you can build and store your own first party identity graph in Optable.  Easily add custom or 3rd party identifiers to extend match rates. For more information about how identity resolution works, see our documentation.

Secure Data Matching

The platform offers multiple paths to matching data. Using Optable's implementation of PSI (Private Set Intersection) cryptographic technique, any partner can compare data in a secure way, benefitting from the privacy and security properties of homomorphic encryption.

Analytics and Insights

Any partnership can start with overlap analysis, allowing to compare audience data in a secure, privacy-preserving way. Insights are based on identifiers as well as traits.

Integrated for activation

Optable enables campaign activation directly from the clean room environment. The platform is integrated with Prebid-enabled SSPs, Google Ad Manager and supports the Seller-Defined Audiences (SDA) standard.

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