Secure Data Collaboration for Digital Marketing

Introducing the Optable Data Connectivity Platform

Unlock better audience data

  • Improve the addressability of the audiences and enable people-based targeting by using identity data in a privacy-preserving way.
  • Increase the profitability of ad inventory by better addressing unidentified, cookieless inventory.
  • Gather powerful audience insights based on imported audience data.
  • Assemble audiences using safely imported events, traits and characteristics.

Do more with customer data

  • Use cutting-edge privacy-preserving methods to activate people-based targeting campaigns.
  • Enable audience data onboarding using secure data clean rooms.
  • Personalize customer experiences using securely collected data.
  • Orchestrate identity resolution across data sources scattered within the organization.
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Build next-generation data alliances

  • Continuously share audience data across your ecosystem in a secure, privacy-preserving manner.
  • Enable advertisers to securely onboard audience data.
  • Activate campaigns across the ecosystem using existing programmatic infrastructure.
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The future of digital advertising is rooted in identity and consent.

Optable is a platform built for the next generation of media companies.


Each customer runs their own, secure instance of the platform


Uses cutting-edge privacy-preserving techniques.


Works across devices, apps and environments.

“We are on the cusp of a new era in advertising. Regulation, browser and mobile OS changes require a radically new approach to managing customer data.”

Bosko Milekic,
Co-founder & CTO, Optable

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