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Hubspot Custom Styles
Hubspot Custom Styles
Ensure end-to-end control of all your data.
Control permissions down to the user. Limit access to matched user data when collaborating with your partners. First-party data processing fit for purpose.

150+ controls to maintain customer data confidentiality.

Auditable data collaboration with your partners using turn-key, configurable, and purpose-limited clean room apps. Granular RBAC to enable operations while limiting access to data.

‘Bring Your Own Account’ with Google Cloud.

Optable processes first-party data in dedicated GCP vaults. Optionally, host your vault in your own GCP project for enterprise level oversight.

Securely Collaborate Across the Clouds.

Automatically provision Snowflake and AWS clean rooms to support interoperable data collaboration where your partners are. No manual data copying, and automatic data erasure when collaborations are done.

Industry Leading Security Policies.

Security is our number one priority. Ask us for our SOC2 report for details.

Control Data Expiry.

You decide what expires when. Suppress and erase data subject data at will.

Purpose-built with PETs.

Deeply integrated with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), including secure multi-party compute protocols and differential privacy.

Fully Customizable Permissions & Access.

Full control over user permissions and partner relationships means only the right people have access to your data. Agency and partner permissions are simplified and data leakage is no longer a concern.

It’s time to turn your
data into opportunity.

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