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Optable and Google Cloud

The industry’s answer to true cross-cloud interoperability.
Google BigQuery Connector

Tap into Google BigQuery clean room capabilities directly from Optable’s platform.

Our connectors give you direct access to data warehouse clean room capabilities from Optable’s platform. This completely removes the need for your ad partners to move their data. Drastically reduce the time needed for legal, governance, implementation and setup so you can collaborate faster and start running campaigns.

Built with BigQuery

Native integration with BigQuery means you can easily tap into BigQuery and GCP capabilities such as custom query buildinag, model deployment or data visualization.

GCP as data source & destination.

No code integrations means moving your data in and out of GCP is effortless and fast

Bring Your Own GCP Account

No code integrations means moving your data in and out of AWS is effortless and fast

Google Marketplace

Activate your GCP credits when purchasing Optable

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