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We are pioneering privacy-safe advertising.

Optable helps media and advertising businesses adapt, grow, and securely activate their data in the age of privacy.

Deep roots in the media and advertising industry

Optable was founded by Yves Poiré, Vlad Stesin and Bosko Milekic - previously founders of AdGear, an advertising platform acquired by Samsung Ads. They recognized that significant change was happening driven by privacy legislation and the demise of public identifiers such as third-party cookies that had traditionally enabled data collaboration.

To address the new need for data privacy and consumer control in the marketing & advertising landscape, they envisioned a new platform that helps companies utilize their data in innovative ways to create new media & advertising solutions, enhance their efficiency and deliver business results. Optable harnesses the power of scalable cloud infrastructure to deliver solution-oriented software and integrations to meet the business needs of their customers.
OUR mission

Securely connecting the world’s audience data

We aim to build, deliver, and continually improve an accessible, intuitive, cloud-first platform that allows media and advertising companies to take ownership of their first-party data, execute effective data collaboration, and drive real business results while maintaining privacy and consumer trust.


Yves Poiré

Co-Founder & CEO

Bosko Milekic

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Vlad Stesin

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

James Prudhomme

Chief Revenue Officer

Jérémie Lasalle Ratelle

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Dumas

Managing Director, USA

The Team

Sean Cullen

Vice-President, Finance & Operations

Bennett Crumbling

Head of Marketing

Kristy Schafer

VP of Sales, US

Drew Paquette

VP of Product

Ioana Tirtirau

Director, Customer Success

William Syms

Director, Product Management

Marc-Olivier Thibault

Director of Product Innovation

François St-Jacques

Principal Software Developer

Antoine Niek

Staff Software Developer

Amanj Sherwany

Engineering Manager

Matthieu Beauché

Engineering Manager


We are innovators and collaborators

The Optable team is building revolutionary technology that creates new growth opportunities for media and advertising businesses. Our core values reflect this reality.

We are friendly and open to other people, with a service-minded attitude.


We are open to new ideas and strive to look for innovative solutions in every area.


We are always developing, so we aren’t afraid of change or constructive criticism.


Our respect for each other creates a healthy workplace and a deep respect for data privacy.


We are open to our client’s needs and aim to meet and exceed expectations.

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