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August 18, 2022
Vlad Stesin

Spice Works: Easy Does It - Why Simplicity is Key to Data Clean Room Adoption

Data clean room innovation offers a solution to digital advertising’s woes, but the key to successful adoption is ease of use. Here, Vlad Stesin, chief strategy officer and co-founder, Optable, discusses in detail why simplicity is essential when considering data clean rooms.

Data Clean Rooms

When it comes to innovation, complexity kills; it is the ease of use that is crucial to successful tech adoption. With the McKinsey Global Institute estimating that 25%-45% of new products fail — other commentators have the figure much higher, at 60-80% — it is critical that solutions developed to address advertising’s challenges around trust, legislation and privacy have the end-user in mind. And if data clean rooms want to become advertising’s savior, success lies in simplicity.

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