Optable to Deliver Next Generation of Ad Products to La Presse

MONTREAL, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Optable, a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy, has been chosen by La Presse, the benchmark French-language news media in Canada, to power its next generation of privacy-preserving advertising products.

The erosion of third-party identifiers is intensifying the need for publishers to develop new ad experiences using first party data. Optable's platform enables publishers and advertisers to securely onboard first-party customer data and make it available for activation across various properties, empowering addressability for walled gardens and anyone who works with first-party data, such as La Presse.

"Our first-party data is already incredibly important to the success of our advertising offerings, and will only become more so going forward, so it's imperative we activate it in a way that preserves the privacy of our readers while allowing us to continue providing value to our advertising partners," said Geoffrey Bernard Vice-President, Growth Marketing, Data Science & Consumer Insights, La Presse. "Not only does Optable allow us to do this in the most safe and effective way, but also enables our advertisers to leverage their own first party data sets in advertising campaigns with us."

Optable is making privacy technology readily available for La Presse's ecosystem with connection points that easily fit into their current work stream. Optable's clean data infrastructure will enable closer partnerships that unlock the value of advertisers' first-party data for targeting and measurement, all without compromising the data's security or the customers it represents.

"Transparency and respect for privacy are at the core of the solution to the identity and data management challenges," said Yves Poiré Co-founder & CEO, Optable. "La Presse has been very aggressive in identifying ways to take control of their own data in a way that respects user privacy."

Optable's platform is available for publishers around the world to activate the data they already have, rather than relying on data from third-parties. It also allows publishers to safely and securely compare and leverage audience data with other data partners while maintaining the privacy of their customers and simultaneously providing increased value to ad partners.

About Optable
Optable is a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Inspired by the radical transformation in how data is governed, connected, and used, Optable was built by veterans of the ad tech industry to address the need for a new generation of privacy-preserving data connectivity software. Leveraging cryptographic technology, Optable is the only in-market solution that offers a decentralized, "headless" approach to enabling advertisers, publishers, data companies, and other partners to safely and securely compare and leverage audience data. https://www.optable.co/

About LaPresse
La Presse, the benchmark French-language news media in Canada, is an independent Quebec institution operating in a non-profit structure. It is the largest newsroom in Quebec with a mission to produce quality information accessible free of charge to as many people as possible. Its content is available on several platforms (digital edition for tablets, mobile and web application). Learn more at https://www.lapresse.ca/

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SOURCE Optable

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