February 7, 2022
Vlad Stesin

NDA: How data clean rooms promise to take post-cookie digital marketing to new heights

Vlad Stesin and James Prudhomme chat with NDA about how data clean rooms are delivering privacy-first, cookieless activation.

vlad stesin james prudhomme
Data Clean Rooms

As Optable enters the European market, tell us more about who you are.

Vlad Stesin: Before setting up Optable, I was a co-founder of the Canadian DSP AdGear, which Samsung acquired in 2016. When we founded Optable in 2020, twodisruptive developmentsin the advertising industry shaped our thinking. Firstly, the increasing prominence of privacy features being integrated into web browsers, devices and platforms at a time when the building blocks of digital advertising – third-party cookies and device identifiers – were being dismantled. Secondly, the impact that data protection legislation was having on advertising globally.

What was clear was that advertising needed a new solution to allow data to be connected in a privacy-centric way so publishers, agencies and advertisers could still benefit from data-driven advertising in the future.  

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