October 10, 2022
Vlad Stesin

In Publishing: Data Clean Rooms - 5 Minutes with Vlad Stesin

In a world of increasing privacy legislation and decreasing reliance on third-party cookies, data clean rooms are one way publishers can monetise their audience data. We grab five minutes with Vlad Stesin, Optable’s co-founder and CSO, to ask him what advice he would give publishers.

Data Clean Rooms

Q: What is a data clean room (DCR) and how have they come about?

A: A data clean room is a secure environment that provides purpose-limited, privacy-preserving ways to collaborate with partners around data. They have come about as a result of gradual deprecation of personal identifiers such as third-party cookies and MAIDs, as well as a rise in privacy legislation. Data clean rooms re-enable the advertising ecosystem to work together, but they do so in ways that are anchored in privacy and security.

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