June 8, 2021
Yves Poiré

Optable announces a Seed Funding Round Lead by Brightspark Ventures

Optable raises $3.6m in seed funding for data collaboration and data clean rooms.

optable seed funding round

Last spring, just as the global pandemic was going in full effect, we founded and pre-seeded the company ourselves. Today, a year later, after having added some of the best engineering talent we’ve ever worked with to the team, we are ready for the next phase of our growth. 

We believe that the Internet is on the cusp of a brand new era in which we will witness the emergence of many more walled gardens, with many more companies taking a stance on privacy. This is much bigger than the disappearance of global identifiers such as third party cookies and IDFAs. Those events will only accelerate this trend, as will the legislative pressure around the world. A new software layer is required to enable companies to collaborate and ensure trust: data connectivity solutions like ours have become a priority for a myriad of existing and upcoming walled gardens dependent on advertising revenue.

Leadership groups at many leading media and advertising companies have confirmed the vision and the strategic importance of the product that we are building. Our use of advanced cryptography to ensure security and enable our clients to maintain data sovereignty offers many ways to collaborate and create specialized solutions for various stakeholders in our industry. 

We believe that we have a strong vision, an experienced team and the foundation of a great product that will allow us to help leading media and advertising companies to solve complex challenges they are facing. 

A special thanks goes to Sophie Forest and her team at Brightspark Ventures who have led the seed round with a significant investment. We are also grateful for the support from a group of AdTech veterans and Angel Investors. Those include David Hahn, former CPO of Integral Ad Science (acquired by Vista Equity Partners), David Yaffe, founder and former CEO of Arbor (acquired by LiveRamp), Jim Payne, founder and former CEO of MoPub (acquired by Twitter), and Alex Blum, former Executive Chairman of Tru Optik (acquired by TransUnion).  

It is worth noting that Alex Blum and Sophie Forest will be serving on our board of directors, helping us fulfill our mission.

So, lots of work (and fun) in perspective. We'll make sure to share our progress.

Here is the press release we have shared with the world:

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