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July 11, 2022

At Optable, Our Core Values are What Drive Us Forward

Creating a great team starts with understanding our values. Learn about our values and come join a great team in the heart of Montreal, Canada

optable core values

Optable Core Values

We value diversity and inclusion and believe that the sum of different cultures, opinions and beliefs creates a stronger team that will deliver great results. A group of people with the desire to succeed. All pulling together in the same direction. Knowing that every single person has your back. With respect, trust, and the knowledge that any single one of our teammates is capable of taking the lead at the right time. With this attitude we all win. And when we don’t, we try again.  Because we learn quickly and don’t give up. 


Showing empathy towards each other is probably the best way to get the most out of any given team. Every day brings new challenges but also new opportunities to reconsider how we see and value our colleagues. Empathy also helps us focus on listening. It forces us to reflect on our actions and words and it brings us closer together.


Building trust in our relationships is our promise. We are all about transparency in communication and actions. We are honest, we own our role, decisions, actions, and their consequences. We strive for an environment where we can rely on each other.  Trust is earned. And we never, ever make fake promises.


Challenging one’s own thinking and having the mindset to strive for continuous improvement is what innovation means to us. We encourage curiosity, challenge assumptions, take calculated risks,  and anticipate changes. Failure is welcomed. It’s what allows us to learn and generate new ideas while enabling us to embrace changes and drive faster towards success.


Promoting excellence in the workplace is what enthusiastic employees do. It’s infectious, and an example for those around them to follow. It’s the core understanding that energy comes from energy so we recognize and reward those brave enough to smile in the face of challenge. We play to win as a team and lift everyone’s spirits to bring joy, satisfaction, and results.

Bias for Action

Taking initiative and embracing change help create a successful business. We don’t spend too much time overthinking decisions. We prefer acting on possible solutions instead of waiting for the perfect one. If it needs to get done, we identify solutions and start building. We are not perfectionists, but we work relentlessly to improve.