October 5, 2023
Chris Couture

Empowering Secure Collaboration: Optable's Integration with the Delta Sharing Protocol

The Delta Sharing protocol further enhances interoperability capabilities for Optable and the Data Collaboration industry at large

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Delta Sharing is an open protocol for secure data sharing, developed by Databricks. It has emerged as a leading solution in the market, enabling organisations to share data across different platforms securely. As a part of Databricks' Delta Lake experience, it serves as a cornerstone for data collaboration and interoperability.

Like Optable, the Delta Sharing Protocol aims to transform the way organisations think about and approach data collaboration. By emphasising secure and efficient data sharing, Delta Sharing lays a robust foundation for innovation. 

Optable’s strategic integration of the Delta Sharing Protocol echoes what we believe to be the core concepts of secure and efficient data collaboration. It safeguards data by eliminating copies to third-party systems, amplifies collaboration efficiency through streamlined data sharing, and fortifies the pillars of interoperability, privacy, and compliance across the AdTech landscape.

At Optable, we envision a platform where organisations can collaborate safely, exchange insights, and create business growth by tapping into the wide array of data resources that many advertisers and publishers possess, all without compromising security, privacy, or legal integrity. By leveraging the Delta Sharing Protocol, Optable is enhancing data collaboration capabilities without sacrificing privacy.

No Data Replication: By leveraging the Delta Sharing Protocol, organisations who are platformed on Databricks can be assured that data is never copied to third-party or external systems. Instead, it's shared directly, maintaining the integrity and security of the original data. This is a significant shift from older practices where data was often copied to external systems, such as storage buckets, increasing the risk of data breaches.

Enhanced Collaboration:  Optable's implementation of the Delta Sharing Protocol provides frictionless methods for advertisers and publishers to use their data for collaboration. Technologies like the Delta Sharing Protocol increase trust & mitigate risk by leveraging all of the security measures available in Databricks and Optable. Unlike the past, where stakeholders commonly relied on less secure methods like sharing files or CSVs, this protocol offers built-in encryption and access controls.

Practical Advantages:  Beyond enhancing security and fostering an interoperable data collaboration ecosystem, this integration also tackles the 'unseen' frictions often encountered in data collaboration. For instance, it minimises file concatenation errors when merging multi-part file exports and reduces errors stemming from files modified outside of Databricks. 

These practical benefits streamline daily operations and reduce the time spent troubleshooting, allowing teams to focus more on data-driven decision-making.

Enhanced integration with Databricks: 

By integrating the Delta Sharing Protocol, Optable takes a deliberate step towards enhancing data collaboration. 

This integration fosters interoperability with platforms like Databricks, which offers Delta Sharing as a native feature of their Delta Lake experience. It promises a more efficient utilisation of shared data resources and lays the groundwork for secure, integrated collaboration.