Customer data connectivity for
the age of privacy

Optable is on a mission to redefine the way in which online identity and personal data are used to drive personalization of offers and content, with transparency and privacy controls at the centre of the user experience.

We use modern, secure multiparty computation cryptographic techniques to allow matching of data without it actually leaving the private instance of the platform operated by our customers and partners.

Secure, Private Instances

Decentralized data management infrastructure

Robust Identity Resolution

Identity resolution based on deterministic data and built-in probabilistic modelling

Powerful Segmentation

Audience assembly based on collected or imported datasets, events, and traits

A data connectivity solution built for the new digital advertising ecosystem.

  • Data onboarding using truly secure, zero-knowledge data exchange protocols.
  • Decentralized architecture, separate instances with no global identifiers accessible.
  • Segmentation for both identified and completely anonymous traffic.
  • Easy activation using Deal IDs, using existing programmatic infrastructure.

“The future of the open web  depends on the ecosystem's ability to exchange customer data securely and ethically.”

Yves Poiré, CEO

Digital identity at the core

Authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and legacy applications is at the core of the new generation of ad platforms. Our technology is driven by decentralized identity, and is designed to work without third-party cookies.

Consent  & control

Privacy, security and trust programs don’t hinder advertising capabilities - they power them. The Optable platform does not treat consent as a bolt-on mechanism. It is a foundational capability.

Private, secure data management

Addressability and consent make it possible to responsibly leverage and combine customer data. To guarantee the security of private customer data, we make use of modern cryptographic techniques, enabling interoperability and scale.
“A major leap."

We are impressed with the approach taken by the Optable platform to tackle some of the most difficult challenges the industry is yet to address: identity resolution and secure data management in the next generation of ad technologies.

Patrice Marin, Co-Founder, District M