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Drive growth through privacy-safe, cookieless advertising
Publishers and brands use Optable data collaboration technology to securely plan, activate and measure performant advertising campaigns.
Case Study

La Presse grows ad revenue by 9% using Optable's platform

Partner Spotlight

Optable announces new integration with AWS.

This partner integration will provide interoperability and unlock new opportunities for AWS customers.

Frictionless data collaboration, purpose-built for advertising

Optable redefines the way in which online identity and personal data are used. With our platform, publishers and advertisers can keep transparency and privacy controls at the centre of the user experience, while finding new ways to activate their audience data.
Optable DMP

Your audiences in
real time

Optable’s platform seamlessly integrates in real-time with key data sources and business systems. The platform provides flexible identity tools and powerful audience management capabilities for fast business insights and advertising activations.
Optable Collaborate

Empowering your
business teams

Optable customers can collaborate with any other party by creating purpose-limited, no-code data clean room applications out-of-the-box. Scaling your collaborations is easy using Optable's unlimited Flash Nodes.
Optable Activate

Collaborations that
grow revenue

Campaign planning & activation is effortless as Optable's platform is deeply integrated across the advertising ecosystem. Cross-cloud interoperability means you can collaborate with your ad partners regardless of where their data lives.

It’s time to turn your
data into opportunity.

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