Optable to Power Secure Data Collaboration for Sharethrough Customers

MONTREAL, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Optable, a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy, has partnered with Sharethrough, a top global independent omnichannel ad exchange, to give advertisers the unprecedented ability to leverage first-party data assets for campaigns without physically sharing audience data, thereby establishing a data collaboration infrastructure to power the future state of digital advertising.

Optable's platform uses cryptography to enable decentralized collaboration around audience data, allowing users to continuously connect audience data with certified partners in a secure, privacy-preserving manner. As walled gardens become more common, solutions aimed at linking these data carriers together will become increasingly vital for the advertising ecosystem.

"The industry is going through tremendous transformation driven by the erosion of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, as well as increased regulatory pressure around the world," said Vlad Stesin, co-founder and CPO, Optable. "Working with Sharethrough enables us to lead the imminent transition from legacy global identifiers to a new fabric of identity woven across the ecosystem in not only a safe and compliant way, but also in a way that allows each party to control their own data. Ultimately, by collaborating with Optable, Sharethrough is enabling publishers to increase their inventory's value while keeping data security and privacy front and center. "

Publishers who use the Sharethrough ad exchange will be able to activate people-targeted campaigns by safely onboarding their first-party data into a secure, private location on the Optable platform, facilitating direct collaboration with advertisers and minimizing technical and legal barriers.

"This collaboration provides us with the possibility to offer our publisher partners next-generation data connectivity technology, which, until now, has mostly been available within large walled gardens," said Pat Marin, SVP Partnerships, Sharethrough. "Optable's technology solves for the emerging privacy challenges, allowing advertisers to transact using their own audience data without sharing this data with any other party."

About Optable
Optable is a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Inspired by the radical transformation in how data is governed, connected, and used, Optable was built by veterans of the ad tech industry to address the need for a new generation of privacy-preserving data connectivity software. Leveraging cryptographic technology, Optable is the only in-market solution that offers a decentralized, "headless" approach to enabling advertisers, publishers, data companies, and other partners to safely and securely compare and leverage audience data. https://www.optable.co/

About Sharethrough
Sharethrough is one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges. Driven by our conviction that advertising should be underpinned by respect & care, we believe taking a human-centric approach to advertising and monetization is the key to a sustainable path forward for the independent and accessible internet to thrive. Advertisers & publishers leverage Sharethrough's unique technology to enhance every impression by rendering a higher-performing banner, video or native ad that dynamically fits into any placement on any site. Our publisher partners benefit from directly-sourced demand, scale and quality, prioritizing their monetization efforts while elevating performance. With its headquarters in Montreal, Sharethrough has several offices across North America including San Francisco on the west coast & New York City in the east.

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SOURCE Optable

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